raid shadow legends

1) RAID Shadow Legends (pc version)

After its succeeds release more on mobile, the MMORPG game of Plarium, RAID: Shadow Legends arrives on PC in 2020. The gameplay places you in the heart of the kingdom of Teleria where you will play a hero and will have to unite the forces of several champions (+300 choices among 16 factions) to create the best possible alliance.

Participate in PvP arena battles, boss battles, level up, earn rewards, and climb the overall player rankings. RAID is a free action mmorpg 2020 to discover on Plarium Play. (Learn More)

ascent infinite realm

2) Ascent Infinite Realm

Also known as the name of AIR, Ascent Infinite Realm is a new free 2020 mmorpg which is scheduled to be released soon. The title is an action mmo taking place in a steampunk universe in which you can control a whole bunch of flying futuristic vehicles alone or together.

The main interest of the title will be its PvP combat system through which you will participate in battles both on land and in the air. Imagine fighting in the skies while other players are quietly making their empire on the ground. (Learn More)

dual universe

3) Dual Universe

This is a huge "sandbox" that is played on the scale of the universe. Dual Universe is still under development, it's a free 2020 mmorpg developed for PC platform by Novaquark.

You join a single server in constant evolution where everything will be built. It will be up to the players to shape the world they want to leave, ships and buildings. Relationships between players will be crucial to the gameplay, they will influence the life of the game through trade, economic fluctuations, territorial domination, and wars. An open world game that offered immense freedom to players. (Learn More)

ashes of creation

4) Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation by the publisher is expected to arrive in final version in 2020. The current version of Battle Royale has made a lot of talk about it and allowed us to have a good taste of what will await us in the final version. The big strength of this free mmorpg will be in its reactive environment to the actions of the players.

To be simply, players will be able to create their cities, their businesses and houses, will be able to develop an economy, install NPCs with quests and more ... All these constructions can be destroyed in the context of faction wars for example . (Learn More)

star citizen

5) Star Citizen

Under the development of Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen plunges you into a futuristic space universe to develop and fine-tune by the players.

You can explore the space stations on foot, buy items, meet other players, participate in quests, explore the universe from ships, and much more ... Everything is designed to immerse you in this spatial universe. The ambitions of the developers are disproportionate and the game is under development since 8 years. This online 2020 mmorpg game should see the light soon, it's currently available in alpha pay. (Learn More)

Best mmorpg 2020

Each year we try to find for you readers, the latest new MMOs and especially under development or futur mmorpg. For 2020 we already have a good dose of information on most free or paid 2020 MMOs that are planned. We will update this list throughout the year in the form of a top (ranking).

Our list includes both the most popular games of players in 2020 (and the date of release is not necessarily this year), but also the games that are in early access, alpha or beta test. This will allow you if you want to register and be informed at the official release of the games.

It's always interesting to take note of upcoming 2020 mmorpg releases to be part of the first explorers of these long-awaited games and often to enjoy many benefits.

Ever more immersive universes

From year to year, online mmorpg games are more and more realistic from a point of view of the possibilities in the gameplay as in the graphics. The goal of the developers is to ensure that players are fully immersed in the adventure as if it were real.

By 2020, there are many immersive mmorpg at an unprecedented level. For example, we have the game Star Citizen presented in the above ranking that plunges gamers in the inter-space, aboard ships and spacecraft. This is also the case of the mastodon Dual Universe but also the future free to play mmorpg Ashes of Creation.

The possibilities are more numerous, the players can today imagine and conceive little by little their own world and have for that a very large number of freedoms. Eve Online is one of the precursors of this concept and it is now one of the largest mmorpg in the world. He offers his players to join a futuristic world through galaxies where opposing alliances at war. The entire community actively participates every day in the development of their alliance and internal economy.

There is also more and more the example of virtual reality games that are now online and that completely immerse players in the heart of games in the first person. It is to wonder if there is always a border between the real and the virtual.

High definition graphics

The graphics are also improved from year to year for the pleasure of our eyes. Finished pixelated graphics and set to high definition. Engines from Epic Games (Unreal Engine 4) and those from Crytek (CryEngine 5.5) share the new online mmorpg games in 2020.

It's now even possible to enjoy very good graphics without latency in most browser mmorpg games launched in 2020. Already last year we had the pleasure of discovering very good graphics in the new games "game of thrones winter is coming" but also in the games of the developer Youzu Games distributed on a web browser.

Always more massively multiplayer

In the 2000s, it was the challenge of all development companies to gather dozens, even hundreds of players simultaneously on the same server. In 2020, we do not talk about hundreds, nor thousands, but millions of players connected simultaneously. This is the case of some highly successful mmo such as the recent Royal Fortnite battle with more than 3.4 million players connected or its competitor number 1, PUBG which recorded 3 million. This is where the "massively multiplayer" of the acronym mmorpg makes sense.

The proposed technologies are increasing steadily allowing companies to develop games that can support these masses of players at a time. The mmorpg are now in an open world and allow large-scale battles, sometimes involving thousands of players. One could take for example the gigantic battles that have been taking place on Eve Online for years and which each time involve several thousand players. One of them in 2018 would have involved more than 15,000 players and the total damage would be estimated at more than 1 million euros.

Trendy MMOs themes in 2020

It is easy to distinguish new trends regarding the themes in vogue in the world of 2020 mmorpg. We see a lot of online games addressing space exploration surfaced, although this theme has been used for about twenty years. years. The developers use the themes that are talking about them right now and this is the case for this one. We are talking more and more about space exploration and this once again allows players to project themselves through one of these video games.

The heroic-fantasy is still very used, as at the beginning of the first mmorpg (ex: World of Warcraft). This is one of the timeless themes that offers players to embody a hero with supernatural powers, and the evolutions and XP capabilities are therefore endless. Online gambling is and will always be the best way to get closer to a hypothetical future and to dive into it with ease a few hours each day.